Treatment for vaginal sensitivity loss and enhancing sexual pleasure

Many women notice changes in the appearance and function of their vagina with age and childbirth. The decline in oestrogen levels results in the amount of hyaluronic acid in vaginal tissue diminishing, making the tissue thinner which can lead to difficulties during sex. 

Complaints of sexual dysfunction such as decreased libido, vaginal dryness, difficulty in achieving an orgasm, are all common for women as they get older. Thankfully, there are effective non-surgical treatments that increase vaginal wetness and can impact the frequency and intensity of vaginal orgasms.  

What is the Orgasm Shot?

The Orgasm Shot also known as the “O-shot” is an adaptation of a widely used medical treatment for enhancing vaginal sensitivity and orgasms for women. The effects of the Aesthetic Gynaecological solution last from between eight to twelve months but can be repeated as often as the patient feels it necessary if prescribed by the doctor.

What can I expect?

Once your appointment is booked, there are no pre-procedure preparations needed. At your consultation, Dr Novikova will ask you a few questions regarding the medical and sexual history and the reasons why you seek to get the Orgasm Shot treatment done. She will then take you through how the procedure works and what you can expect. 

The Orgasm Shot is performed in Dr Novikova’s office. A numbing cream will be applied to the area of injection (clitoris or vagina), which prevents any pain and only takes a few minutes to numb the area. Dr Novikova will draw blood from a vein in the patient’s arm and spin it through a centrifuge machine to remove red blood cells.

This is then injected as growth factors into the vaginal wall, clitoris and any other indicated area of treatment around the G-spot. If injected into the clitoris, it stimulates an orgasm through increased sensitivity. If injected into the vaginal wall it can treat vaginal dryness. The growth factors help speed up the healing process of the tissue following the injection and restore the function to provide more enhanced sexual pleasure

Black woman making an orgasmic face.

Who is the Orgasm Shot for?

The Orgasm Shot is intended for women who experience a decrease in sexual sensitivity later in their life when they experience hormone and tissue changes. 

“Women who were able to experience vaginal orgasm easily, but now face difficulty with it are likely candidates for the treatment,” Dr Novikova. 

The Orgasm Shot can also be used by anyone, both male and female, seeking to enhance their sexual pleasure.

What does an Orgasm Shot cost?

The cost of the procedure is from R8 000, depending on the number of injections administered. Dr Novikova is not linked to any medical aid, only cash payments are accepted. Dependent on your plan, you may claim back from your medical aid provider but this can only be cleared with them.

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