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Some beneficial medical resources for our patients:

Best Health Apps

  • Natural Cycles, contraception with an app – Study of 15,000 women using the app showed that 1.8% of women fell pregnant in 8 months of use when using correctly and 6.5% fell pregnant because of incorrect use.
  • Menstruation and ovulation calendar – useful for women trying to conceive
  • Clue – period tracker – to track periods / menstrual cycle
  • Doc’s Diet Diary – to monitor pain in relation to diet
  • Bladder diary Urotoday – for women with urinary incontinence
  • Calcium Intake calculator

Informational Videos

  • Dr Novikova’s YouTube channel
  • Video on breast check – Youtube
  • TED  talk on girls sexuality – TED
  • Information and photos about what normal labia and female genitals look like. – Labia Library