Name 5 things women do that unwittingly negatively affect their periods/severity thereof/mess up their cycle, etc and why.
The menstrual cycle depends on hormonal balance in a woman’s body. The egg is released every month and it is called ovulation. If a woman does not fall pregnant then hormonal levels drop towards the end of the months and the lining of the womb (uterus) called endometrium sheds. This is how the bleeding happens. Significant weight loss, stress, very heavy exercise can influence the menstrual period by stopping periods. On the other hand, having lot’s of fat tissue leads to increased levels of oestrogen (female hormones), which stimulate the growth of the lining of the womb and cause very heavy periods.

Name 3-5 things that women can do to make their monthly visit easier- foods they can eat, activities, products they can use etc.
A healthy diet and regular exercise (45 minutes about 5 times per week) assists with general wellbeing and helps to have normal periods.

2-3 Signs your period gives you that means you need to see a doctor?
– very heavy periods – changing a pad every 1-2 hours
– very painful periods – missing studies or work because of pain during the period
– irregular period – more than 45 days between the periods, or irregular frequent bleeding

2-5 normal irregularities/occurrences that may freak the average woman out but are okay
– missing one period can be okay and related to stress and travel or change in lifestyle. It is normal if it happens only once
– having a pain in the middle of the cycle is normal and it’s usually related to ovulation (release of the egg)


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