A quotation will be provided before each procedure. This practice is not contracted to any medical aid, and we don’t submit on your behalf.
Dr. Novikova does NOT practice obstetrics and does NOT deliver babies.

The accounts are settled on a day of the consultation or a week before the surgical procedures to secure the theatre booking. Patients are able to submit their account statement to their medical aid following the consultation or procedure.

All laboratory tests are charged separately by the laboratory.
Please click here for pricing of Aesthetic Gynaecology procedures

Dr Novikova’s In-Rooms Fees

Please contact us for a quotation/ information for surgeries / in-hospital procedures.

  • First Time Consultation

    Includes Physical Examination & Pelvic Ultrasound – R4000

  • Follow Up Consultation

    with Ultrasound – R3100

  • Emsella Chair

    1 Emsella Chair Treatment – R840
    6 Emsella Chair Treatment Package – R4490

    Book through Body + Skin Clinic by clicking here

  • Insertion of Intrauterine Contraceptive (IUCD) or Loop – R5400

    Cost of actual IUCD device available at the practice:

    – Hormonal Mirena or Kyleena UIDs – R3900
    – Non-hormonal Copper T – R880
    – Non-hormonal Pearls IUB – R3000

    Removal of IUCD in addition to consultation fee – R700

  • Insertion/Removal Implanon (contraceptive implant device for the arm)

    The Device needs to be purchased separately from the pharmacy and is not included in our fee:

    Implanon – R2200

    Insertion – R3620
    Removal – R4400

  • Colposcopy & biopsy – R5400

    LLETZ procedure to remove abnormal cells on the cervix (in-rooms) – R10400

  • Drainage or Marsupialisation of Bartholins Cysts / Abscess

    Including consultation – R7700

  • Vulvar Biopsy

    Including consultation – R5100

  • Repeat Script – R220

    Phone consult

    • Within 6 weeks of face-to-face consultation – R550
    • Existing patient – R1100
    • New Patient – R2160

We use SAPath for our laboratory tests. It is a small independent lab that was started by the first black (and female) biochemist in South Africa Dr Vuoylethu Keti. SAPath provides high-quality individualized service. Your laboratory tests will be claimed from the medical aid. If your medical aid does not cover out of hospital tests, the fee. for Pap smear (liquid-based cytology LBC) is R280, HPV test 1100. STDs screening costs are broken down on the STDs page here.

We refer patients for breast imaging and bone density scans to Dr Leora Sweidan at  “Well Women Bone and Breast Care” at Checkers Centre in Sea Point and Dr Sumi Padayachee at Arya Stana Bone and Breast Care in Constantia.