It’s no secret that our bodies change as we age. Knowing what to expect of your body assists in your personal preventative health management. Here’s an idea of what to expect of your breasts as you age…

• 20s- Expect a lot of change! Breast size may fluctuate as you settle into adult weight. With many women falling pregnant during this time, changes to nipple size, areola darkening, and overall breast swelling are common but usually reverts to normal after birth. Changes in the menstrual cycle during this phase may cause lumps in the breast tissue. This is usually nothing to worry about as it often occurs as a result of fibrocystic changes.

• 30s- Change during this time is not significant though you can expect some stretching of the skin (often due to pregnancy). You may also start to notice sun damage, with age spots or freckles developing on the areas most often exposed. Remember to put sunscreen everywhere!

• 40s- By your forties, your boobs should be feeling a little softer. Menopause causes a drop in oestrogen which results in involution (breast tissue replaced by fat). The outcome- they don’t feel as firm. Involution doesn’t happen uniformly, so you may develop lumps. A decline in elasticity and density of breasts is also expected, as the collagen starts to give way. Self-checks should be regular by this time. Make sure you know your boobs WELL and see a doctor if anything seems irregular.

breast change


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