Dr Natalia Novikova talks Bartholin’s glands with Marie Claire

Dr Natalia Novikova talks Bartholin’s glands with Marie Claire


We’ve all been told to pick up a hand mirror and study our vagina, right? This way we can get to know it and understand ourselves more intimately. But a mirror won’t show you where and what the Bartholin’s glands do for you and your sex life.

‘The Bartholin’s glands are situated around the opening of the vagina, inside the small lips, and are ideally located to produce lubrication for sex,’ says Dr Novikova.

Many women do not know that Bartholin’s glands even exist in their bodies, let alone know their function. There is one on each side of the vaginal opening. They are approximately 2- to 2.5cm-long ducts, which open on the surface of the vulva, secreting relatively minute, but necessary amounts of fluid to moisten both the lips and the opening of the vagina. This ensures that any contact with the sensitive area is comfortable.

‘The opening of the vagina is the most narrow part of the whole organ. This is why lubrication for penetration is so important, and the glands assist with that naturally,’ says Natalia.

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