Radio station Cape Talk 567AM contacted Dr Novikova requesting an interview with presenter Azania Mosaka during her daytime show. The segment was part of Cape Talk’s Healthy Lifestyle Feature.

Highlighting their differences as she went along. Dr Novikova then provided listeners with some of the many functional reasons that women undergo these procedures including pain during sexual intercourse, vaginal dryness, discomfort when wearing tight clothing, stress urinary incontinence and being unable to ride a bike.

Dr Novikova also made mention of these functional difficulties being more prevalent in women who have experienced natural labour. She went on to state that patients who come to her for purely cosmetic reasons are a minority as most have concerns that actually impact the quality of their everyday life.

The show’s host Azania Mosaka encouraged listeners to send through questions for Dr Novikova which was well received and covered various areas. Listeners of the show called in and sent SMS’s through to query several issues. One listener wanted to know if steroids affect vaginal health in any way whilst another wanted to know if any of the home remedies or tightening creams are effective at reducing vaginal laxity by tightening the area. Dr Novikova provided feedback on these questions whilst elaborating further on the various invasive like hysterectomy and non-invasive treatments like uterine embolization that she offers. Dr Novikova went through the effect on patients after procedures have been conducted, with specific emphasis on heightened sexual health and newfound confidence often experienced by women who reacted positively to the procedure.

To listen to the full interview from 30th November 2017 please see the link below:


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