What to Expect

Visiting a gynaecologist is often a worrisome experience. We do our best to make women feel relaxed during the visit.

Dr Novikova’s consultation is around 30 minutes. Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, we regret to ask you to refrain from bringing a support person to the practice. If you feel it’s absolutely necessary please contact Dr Novikova before your visit to discuss. You will be able to discuss your complaints, any treatment you have received so far, your medical, gynaecological, surgical and obstetric history. We will do an examination and ultrasound. Other tests and investigations would depend on your diagnosis.
During the first visit, a management plan will be made in close discussion with you, which may include further tests, a particular treatment or a surgical procedure. Surgery is performed at the Mediclinic in Cape Town, or Renaissance Surgical Clinic or Intercare Sandton depending on the procedure required.

Watch Dr Novikova’s video “How a Pap smear is performed” on Instagram.

With follow-up visits, we will discuss results and any other new issues.

What to Bring

  1. Please fill in the Registration Form – the link is in your appointment booking confirmation and reminder emails
  2. Any test results and referral letter
  3. Payment for your visit